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Dearest Daughter:

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As I walk thru this journey called life, I sit by the side to rest and think on the road

ahead. Sitting here amongst the beauty of Gods creation admiring the colors in the

fall leaves from a tree that once held them so tightly throughout the different

seasons of life.

As my eyes follow the leaves that pave the road I’ve traveled, I reflect on when you

were born, my first born of 4. Now you are to be a mother. When I found out I was

pregnant with you, my first response wasn’t that of joy and exultation…no, I was

bombarded with fear and confusion. You see I was about to be someone’s mom…a

single mom at that, so I felt all responsibility for this new life would be in my hands.

No one told me the symptoms of being pregnant, except you stop having periods,

mine were never normal. So I didn’t know I was pregnant for about my first 2 1/2

months so my beginning diet wasn’t the best…Almond Roca candy and hot links was

my staple.

Of course I felt queasy and on the verge of vomiting during that time but never being

pregnant before I thought I had a stomach virus and needing to take several naps a

day was justified. Once I started experiencing extreme tenderness in my breast I felt it was time to visit the Dr. He was proud to announce that I didn’t have breast cancer as I

suspected, but I… was… pregnant! My excitement immediately turned to dismay as I

tried to process the news just given.

Of course the enemy of my soul presented alternatives but I felt humbled amidst my

fears to be chosen to become a mother. Not to mention, I had just made a life style

change to become a Christian and understood the significance and gift of life.

One of the first things I did was to run out and get books, all kinds of books to

prepare me for your arrival. I studied those books day and night as they illustrated

the different stages I was in and what was to be expected next…the first flutters at

the end of third month or beginning of the 4th , pain in my groin area as the muscles

stretched, the glow in my skin and hair, the weight gain and low back aches as you


After 30 hours of labor you began your outside journey in life. I was surprised to

find out that even though I wanted to supply you with rich breast milk…it wouldn’t

come till about my 3 rd day of nursing. It was the thick colostrum that came out first

giving you a healthy start. It contained a very high level of antibodies to help you

fight off any infections and bacteria as you started your journey. I also realized how

God had incorporated nursing to help bring the uterus back in shape. This was

painful but very beneficial, just as getting used to nursing. As I nursed I found

myself falling in love with you. I learned that there’s a hormone, oxytocin that

helped me do that.

I was challenged with a thing called postpartum depression. My mother explained

it’s because my hormones are trying to balance themselves out after providing for a

baby that’s no longer in my body.

Now, here you are, ready to walk your own path to motherhood. My daughter,

please know, that inspite of any fears, YOU CAN DO IT! We are examples of all the

other mothers to be, excited, anxious and afraid, wondering how to perform their

upcoming role of motherhood.

No matter how much weight you gain or how your feet may swell, no matter what

you crave or smells you suddenly can’t endure YOU CAN DO IT! It matters not if you

are taking this journey alone or have a whole community of help, YOU CAN DO IT!

Drink lots of water, eat good and get plenty of rest as you are about to bring another

human being into this world to walk it’s own pathway thru life. No matter how

many children you start on their journey, they each will have their own unique beginning.

Remember one day, as you tightly hold your bundle of joy in your arms, that you will

one day release him like the leaves from tree in the fall to pave the way for others

and you, too will be able to sit awhile a reflect on the beauty of motherhood.

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