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My Special Bundle of Joy

Looking back I can’t believe it was 25 years ago when we confirmed I was going to be a mommy again. It was my prayer to have another addition our family, and when God answered those prayers, it was such joyful news. God honored me with a beautiful gift, the ability to have a tiny me grow inside me. I was filled with so many emotions and could har wait to have you in my arms.

Various thoughts flowed my mind as I wondered who you would look like, of course I hoped you would look like me. My body begging to change and I started to have some strange cravings for odd foods at odd hours. I embraced each change as an adventure, I was on this journey that made me so active. I remember waking up at 3 am every night to eat hamburger, many times feeling you kick inside me knowing that you were growing and the anticipation buil as I waited for you to be born.

I remember wanting so much to share this experience with my mom, your grandma. Your father and I were in a different place far from my mom. I remember wanting her there I missed the advice I would have benefited from if she had been close. I was navigating a path she had walked before and these thoughts give me a new prospective on motherhood and a new respect for my mother. I was filled with gratitude for all she had done for me and my siblings, I was thankful in those moments for the way she cared for and nurtured us with so much love. I know how much I wanted to be with her during this journey of ours, but I found some comfort in what she already give.

You are my special bundle of joy and I am thankful that you were given to me, by my Father in heaven. I did not know how strong I could be until that day. As the time closed in and I got ready to meet you, my oooh my… I was so overwhelmed with mixed emotions yet I felt empowered to do all in my strength to get you here wishing i could have mom around to share the experience with, but I had to be strong for both of us through all the labor pains. I cannot explain it but as soon as you were born, seeing your sweet face made it all worth it. I Love you always, Mom

By : Lillian Olero

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