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I am Nanu  Saywon of Makandja Doula

 I'm passionate about helping people thrive in their potential through self-awareness, improving mental and emotional health, and intentionally doing the inner work. I Speak and offer workshop and facilitate trainings at various community events and organizations, focusing on doula work, community health and wellness.  As an impactful and somewhat of a straight shooter speaker, who loves a good laugh and creating relatable content, I've had the privilege of speaking for community organization, churches, and conferences. I count it a privilege to help people navigate into a space of freedom!


Please fill out the following invitation Request in its entirety and click Submit to set a meeting with your establishment to discuss how our knowledge and skills can best meet the unique needs of your event.



Some Topics of Focus Are:

  • Cross-Cultural Skills

  • The History and Benefits of having a Doula

  • Lactation Education

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