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Nanu Saywon is a certified birth and postpartum doula, a coach and a facilitator.  She is considered a calmness presence and helps birthing people from all walks of life. Nanu also serves the Portland, OR community as a board member at Portland Doula Association. Nanu completed a Bachelor's degree in education. As a migrant from West African parents, Nanu understands the cultural difference that many immigrant families face when it comes to balancing their parenting styles through the lens of their cultural background and the various parenting values they see today. she has had the honor and privilege of exploring various cultures and viewing the world from a different lens advocating and equipping families with tools to aid them on their birth journey became a passion of hers. She finds fulfillment in her role as a doula. she is not a replacement for your partner, or support person, rather she is a bridge that connects everyone to the birth and is a source of comfort and strength for the birthing person.  She will be there to listen to whatever you need to say and give you tools to advocate for yourself, she will also give you some physical and informational support as needed.  Your voice matters and your birth matters, and Nanu will be there to remind you of that. She is also there to help with comfort measures and birth positions to insure you get the birth experience you desire.  Nanu respects the importance of holding space for you to experience birth in your own way while your family is changing and growing and will make sure you are cared for while you discover new versions of yourselves.  Nanu's desire through her work as a community member, a doula and a community health navigator is to help growing families feel empowered and confident in their unique journey through pregnancy and beyond. 

My goal is to honor, empower, encourage, and educate YOU to seek out what is important to your family and provide support in whatever challenges you face during this journey.


Nanu Saywon

When I'm not providing doula support or working on some music, I work as a Community Health Navigator supporting birthing people and teaching taekwondo. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen with my mom and sister or outdoors. you may find me either on a hiking trail exploring new places or enjoying the weather running the soccer field.


My desire to support birthing people and their families this love was passed down from my mother and generations before me. I watched strong women giving the gift of time to new mothers and nurturing them back to health. I was fortunate enough to have experienced such a birthing village which really helped water this passion. In observing other birthing individuals and their journey in the US, I was disappointed to see the lack of support and care and judgment placed upon them. A birthing individual has a unique power and ability to carry and birth another living being. We should honor, uplift and support one another during such a significant life change. I believe we should equip new families and parents with helpful tools to successfully and confidently navigate this birthing process.

It would be an honor to be part of your support network in navigating pregnancy, birth and beyond!



About Nanu.


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